Thursday, March 1, 2012

Troubadours of the Ancients

Troubadours of the Ancients: the complete album in MP3 form.

Click here to download free zip file (150 mg):
Troubadours of the Ancients--Rar Jungle and Elfmelt
This is a double album with Rar Jungle and Elfmelt. The first 13 songs are Rar Jungle solo, and the last 6 songs Elfmelt.

Elfmelt was a band comprised of Rar Jungle and Darin Johnson (Nicholas Johnson), who recorded their live music at Artspace, next to the OK hotel in Seattle. This CD contains the ultra hot hit "Burbling Brook".

Guest appareance by Pastor Benny Hinn on "Drugs", and Kimo Rice from Honokaa on "My Friend Kimo".

Rar Jungle:
1. Burlap Sack
2. Put Your Hand In My Hand
3. Buttercup, My Mule
4. In Three Days Time I’ll Make Alabama
5. Opening In the Trionosphere
6. Island In the Mists
7. The Woods
8. Quock Dock
9. My Dog, Giggles
10. Open Dialogue With Jesus
11. Someday I’ll Be Home
12. My Friend, Kimo
13. Drugs

Elfmelt: featuring Summer and Winter Elf
14. Work Song from the Elvin Mines #10
15. Summer Elf Resting In the Dappled Shade
16. Burbling Brook
17. Nine Rows of Jaw Teeth
18. Candle In the Dark Night
19. The Elvin Weather Song

Thanks to Tony Sharick for making Artspace available.

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